How To Use Linkwithin With Blogger

Linkwithin is an amazing blog widget for connecting your readers to  your older posts that may have otherwise been forgotten.

I use it with several of the sites I manage, but there seems to be a few bugs on the Linkwithin site when trying to make a Blogger widget. If you’re having issues adding Linkwithin to your Blogger website, read on to see my fix for the issue  :

On Blogger’s “Edit Layout” page, copy the code below into a new HTML/Javascript widget,  replacing the” XXXXXXX” with YOUR site_id, which is located in the URL address of Linkwithin’s widget confirmation page (see screenshot below).

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Adding Tags To Your Model In Laravel 5

Attaching tags to your website’s content can be a great way to describe and summarize the information displayed on your site in a convenient way for navigation. Learn how to help your users find content relevant to their interests using tags in this simple Laravel 5 tutorial. Continue reading Adding Tags To Your Model In Laravel 5

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