6 Programmer Twitter Feeds You Should Be Following


One thing you may be wondering based on the title alone is why there are so few Twitter feeds listed. Well, there aren't a whole lot of programmers on Twitter that actually talk about code most of the time. (If you know any be sure to send their handle my way though!) Most coders (or most people really) are individuals with a variety of interests, and use Twitter as a platform to discuss some of the more casual hobbies and topics they are interested in outside of their professional life. That being said here are a few of the Twitter accounts that inspire me, link to interesting tech and programming articles, and/or create compelling threads about current events in tech, startup culture, and the open source community.


Hacker News

Most people interested in some level of software are already aware of the Hacker News site (news.ycombinator.com). But due to the sheer number of threads, even when sorted by the most popular for the day, it can be a bit difficult to know which few articles you should prioritize reading if you're short on time. Their twitter account usually only posts once or twice a day, with one of the top articles from the site, its usually a great article too, so when I'm short on leisure time its a good option for staying up to date on current events without sacrificing on productivity.


Kent Beck

A programming coach at Facebook. While there is potential for inspiration in knowing that alone, Kent Beck also has a super sharp mind that is great at articulating programming concepts in metaphorical and illustrative ways. His tweets are always interesting and thoughtful so he is a great addition to this list.


Mattias P Johansson

Mattias Johansson is the creator of Fun Fun Function, a programming show on Youtube that I have recently become addicted to. He covers all sorts of programming topics, from workplace environment issues, to freelancing, to functional programming in Javascript and beyond. He is a great resource for all levels of coder. In addition he is one of the first programming "entertainers" in my opinion, which breaks through so many stereotypes about learning to code, which I love.


JavaScript Daily

This example is pretty self explanatory. Javascript Daily provides tips, motivation, and articles for the Javascript community on a (you guessed it!) daily basis. This Twitter account is great for all JS developers to follow, while not every tip may be something that pertains to your specific situation or skill level, I think it generally doesn't hurt to add this very focused feed into your Twitter collection.



Last but not least is the brainchild of Chris Sevilleja, Scotch.io, a site that focuses on publishing tutorials, guides, and courses for programmers. The site is a great resource on its own, which to my knowledge has a huge collection of free tutorials you can follow along with. Their Twitter is a good feed to follow because they mention new and interesting content that is being published daily, which is much more practical for me then checking the site every day in the hopes of finding a high quality, but random tutorial to follow.


Christian Nwamba

Last but not least is Christian Nwamba, who is known in the programming community as being a true "code beast". He is a programmer from Nigeria that has written a ton of tutorials for the community (he's always featured on my previous list item, Scotch.io, I'm not kidding, click a random article on there and it's probably written by him!). I find his perspective rare and interesting in this world there aren't many people with his background hailed as a leader in the code community, and his devotion to making programming more accessible to all people inspiring.


That concludes my list of programming related Twitter feeds that you should really be following, if you aren't already. Of course I am also a programmer that you can follow, my Twitter handle is @onlyjeanbean. I will try to write many more programming related tweets in the future, in addition to my usual gaming and art related ones :) . See you in the Twitterverse! (don't worry, that's my first and last time using that word).

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