Where To Learn : 5 Best Free Resources For Noob Programmers


Learning to code on your own doesn't need to intimidating at all, because nowadays there are so many free resources online to help us learn anything. Thanks to the open source spirit of the code community, experts are releasing new courses everyday using the information they themselves have learned and innovated upon, usually by others kind enough to give that information away as well. A personal goal of mine is to greatly improve my presence in the open source world, it truly is the best way to give back to the community.

If any of the items in this list of noob friendly programming resources help you, why not give back by contributing to the open source community, or writing a blog article, tutorial, or course that helps to teach others too?



Codeacademy doesn't have as many courses for you to follow along with as some of the other resources listed here, but this is a case of quality over quantity. The few courses that are available are all topics that will give you practical knowledge, kept up to date, and a good foundation for learning the basics in an interactive way.



Scotch.io is a bit different than Codecademy in that in addition to having more courses, there are also straight up tutorials and guides for all sorts of interesting application. The individual tutorials are not usually updated as time passes, and it seems there are posts uploaded by many more people, so quality assurance isn't exactly easy. Because of that I would be careful to check the date and comments on an article before following along blindly on my own computer.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a site that is not actually focused on programming, it offers free education on every subject you can imagine and the courses are extremely high quality. I love how the mission of this site is to provide education for all, although I'm sure you can make a case that every website on this list has the same goal. Even though there are a few courses related to computing, they are mostly focused on Computer Science. Some people feel that CS is not as useful to spend time learning as more practical programming topics, but it never hurts to have a well rounded knowledge of a subject! I would also highly suggest brushing up on your math skills while at the online academy, complex math is a rare bu invaluable skill to a programmer and personally I'm trying to improve my own competency in that area.



Coursera provides online courses from participating colleges and universities, so like Khan Academy, there is a huge range of subjects that can be learned here. Unlike Khan Academy though, there are many more courses to be found for both Computer Science and other areas of programming too. From game development to web design any course you can imagine being taught at a college is being offered there. The thing is the courses start at specific dates, have assignments due, and peers you are encouraged to interact with. This is by far the closest you will be able to get to a true college experience while learning to program.


Fun Fun Function

This last entry is not a website that offers courses and tutorials submitted by programming experts, it's a YouTube channel! When learning, no matter the subject, I believe its important to immerse yourself in resources that fall on all points of the spectrum, from dry but thorough material, to the entertaining and fun. In my last article I mentioned that Mattias P Johansson is to me a pioneering entertainer for the programming community, and I mean that in the best possible way. He has eliminated from my mind the fear that it's impossible to have a hilarious but truly educational show about code!

If everything else on my list seems too involved, difficult, or time consuming to you, no problem, I just ask you to at least check out Fun Fun Function in your spare time. He makes programming so unintimidating it just may inspire you to rethink your position on the other entries in this list. Thanks for reading, until next time!

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